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Sonya’s father is a migrant worker and leaves for the months of June thru October. Her grades and behavior are known to decline while her father is absent from the home in these months. Her behavior goes from being attentive and quiet to unruly and out of control during these months as well.

Solutions of the Stakeholders:

The Parents of the LEP Child- Sonya’s mother does not inform her father of the behavior problems she encounters at home because she does not want Sonya to be harshly punished.

The School Principal- She has sent a translated letter home to Sonya’s mother stating her concerns about Sonya’s behavior while her father is absent from the home. The principal has suggested that Sonya visit the school counselor two days per week for 30 minute sessions.

The School Counselor- She is cognizant of the reasons for Sonya’s misbehavior while her father is absent. Therefore, the counselor has suggested that the mother join a session while a translator is present in hopes of resolving the behavioral issues. She strongly recommends that the father is informed of Sonya’s misbehavior because she feels that the father can be of assistance.

The Classroom Teacher-
He spends more one on one time working with Sonya. However, he does not feel like giving her opportunities for extra credit is fair to the other students.

The ESOL Teacher- She is bilingual and is involved in the counseling sessions. She also sends home weekly reports to Sonya’s mother translated in Spanish. She suggests that the classroom teacher give Sonya some opportunities for extra credit.

Sonya’s Perspective of Her Misbehavior: Sonya is very defensive when confronted with her misbehavior and does not believe that she is doing anything wrong. She also is not receptive to counseling.


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