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Interview with a comparable ESOL student.

Teacher “You had an awards assembly today and how did you feel about that?

Jose “ Really like excited because I was passing to sixth grade.”

Teacher “ what school are you going to?”

Jose “Middle school”

Teacher “ What award did you get?”

Jose “ The award from the like the permission slip to go the sixth grade at the middle school.”

Teacher “ Do you have friends already at that school?”

Jose “No, I don’t have any friends at that school.”

Teacher “ What do you think will be different at the middle school?”

Jose “ That I have to work harder umm have more classes like explose and something

Teacher “ You said you have a field trip tomorrow. Where are you going?”

Jose “ We going to Lakeland to see a play The Beauty and the Beast.”

Teacher “How will you get there?”

Jose “ We going on a bus.

Jose will read What Happens when you Eat
Jose will read Curious George

Second Conversation

Teacher “ How do you feel about writing?”

Jose “ I think writing is a little bit boring, because you always have
to be like moving your hand and it hurts when you write allot.”

Teacher “ Why do you feel it is important to learn to write?”

Jose “ Its important because you can you need to know how to write because it will and if You work it like being a secretary you have to write and almost in every work you have to write and if you don’t know how to write I think you don’t know how to work sometimes.


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