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Linguistic Profile

Oral Interview

Problem Scenario


On Knowledge: How old was Juan Martinez when he entered the United States?

On Comprehension: Explain the progression of Juan’s BICS and CALP abilities.

On Application: How would you apply your knowledge of Juan’s migrant family farming background to help him learn English?

On Analysis: What is the degree and function of English language use in Juan’s household?

On Synthesis: Elaborate on the reasons why you think Juan is having behavior difficulties in class.

On Evaluation: Which person’s viewpoint, from the “stakeholders” present at the meeting, would you recommend?

For group debate:
• Can you call an ESOL student “gifted” when they do not know how to use the English language proficiently?

• Can the children of a migrant farm family perform as well as children in a stationary family? And why or why not?

• What additional resources could be made available to the family to help develop and encourage English language use?


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