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Oral Interview

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Vocabulary Expansion






Cultural/Pragmatic Appropriateness






Writing Ability





Vocabulary very limited

Frequently omitted in speech

Makes syntax errors in speech

Hesitant to speak in an unfamiliar environment

Does not speak much

Does not speak much

Very limited

Very limited

3 months

Ability to identify some items in both languages

Experimenting but still using incorrectly

Improvement; still makes errors

Gaining awareness of the appropriate ways to express himself

Understands some of what is being said

Improving, but still needs contextual support

Can write most of the alphabet legibly

Easy picture books

1 year

Working knowledge of items in both languages

Errors are less frequent but still occur

Errors are less frequent but still occur

Able to speak appropriately in a given situation

Understands most of what is being said

Needs less contextual support

Understands graphophonic relationships

Confuses some vowel sounds, has trouble with consonant blends.












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