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Interview, Reading Sample, and Analysis with a comparable ESOL student.

Conversation with ‘Michael’

Transcribed conversation with ESOL student. (M-Michael, T-Teacher)

M- My name is Michael.
T- How old are you Michael?
M- I am 6 years old.
T- Six years old.
M- I mean seven years old
T- What grade are you in?
M- First grade.
T- What grade will you be in next year?
M- Second grade.
T- Are you excited about that?
M- Yes.

T- Do you know who you want to be your teacher next year?
M- No.
T- There are some very nice second grade teachers.
T- Are you glad school is almost over for this year?
M- Yea, I can go to California.
T- California. What are you going to do in California?
M- I don’t know.

M- I am going to stay there for one whole week
T- One whole week, how fun is that?
M- I don’t know.
T- Can you think of things you might want to do in California?
M- Um … sleep.
T -Can you go swimming in California?
M- Yes.

T- Who are you going to go to California with?
M- My mom and my dad and me
T- That will be a lot of fun don’t you think?

T- What kinds of books do you like read?
M- Green Eggs and Ham
T- Do you know who wrote Green Eggs and Ham?
M -Dr. Seuss
T- I like Dr. Seuss too.

T- Are there any other books you like to read?
M- Transformers
T- What was that?
M -Transformers
T- What kind of book is that?
M- A transformer book.
T- Is it good?
M -Yes
T- What is it about?
M- Transformers.
T- Oh. Are they robots in disguise?
M -Yea I got two of them
T- That is fun.

Nat the Crab

(indicates what the text said)

T- Well I have a book here would you help me read it?
T- What is the title of it?
M- Nat the crab.
T- What do you think it is going to be about?
M- The crab.
T- Can they pinch you?
M- Yea

M -Nat nat in the crib nat. (Nap, Nat! I the Crib, Nat.)
M- What is that?
T- He is in a crib, do you see him in the crib right there?
M- Yea he look like a baby
T- You are right
M- I crab can’t not (A crab can’t nap.)
M -I can’t not nap. (A crab can’t nap)
M- A crab can tap. (A crab can tap!)
M- A crab can nap. (A crab can snap!)
M- A crab can slap. (A crab can spin and spin!)
M- A crab can nap. (A crab can’t nap.)

(A crab naps!)


After being in American schools for over 1 year, Michael has developed a working knowledge of simple items and words in English. Language errors are much less frequent; he speaks almost as well as a native speaker the same age. BICS/CALP has improved dramatically between the time of arrival and the time of this study. In recent months, Michael has less of a need for contextual support to understand teachers and other students.

When Michael was asked to read for us, he showed improvement in word recognition and phonemic awareness. He still confuses some vowel sounds (“I” for “A”, for example), and he has trouble with consonant blends (“sn” and “sp”).

When analyzing the writing sample from Michael, it was apparent that he understood the sounds that letters can make (graphophonic relationships). It appears that he needs practice in sight words.

Michael is making great strides in learning English. With some help from experienced and patient teachers, Michael should be on grade level very soon.


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