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Problem and Perspectivces on the Problem

Problem Scenario
Sunny Patel has been slowly adjusting to the shift in learning and speaking a different language. This is very challenging for him, considering, that his entire family still speaks Gujarati at home. Being as young as he is, he has taken a great interest in learning his second language; to him it is the language of life now that he lives in America. Sunny and his family have just recently received news from the school about the possibilities concerning why Sunny isn’t learning as efficiently as planned. Sunny has hearing and sight loss and will need a hearing aid and glasses. It is no wonder that Sunny at home reads take-home material just fine like magazines and homework. However, at school in the back of the class where he sits, he is distracted by others and cannot clearly hear the teacher nor see the board. He cannot read material written on the board and he doesn’t understand verbal instructions unless told face to face. When he is placed in groups, he does better than on his own because partners often repeat the assignments for him in a closer and louder but slower manner (one on one).

Perspectives on the Problem

The parents of the LEP just received his scores for the annual hearing and vision screening. They do not fully understand what the scores mean in regards to their son. They do not speak English; they are simply comparing numbers between Sunny and a standard expected score.

The school principal
is aware of Sunny’s score, because it is the job of the counselor to inform the principal of disability issues such as this. The principal wants Sunny to have all options for learning and development opportunities at all costs to be available. The principal wants to be informed every step, from initial notification to the plan of progress for Sunny.

The school counselor has notified Sunny’s parent’s by mail, along with phone calls trying to contact the family. The principal, parents, and his teacher are all aware of Sunny’s situation. The teacher wants to briefly explain to Sunny what the test results mean as well as options for better success in the classroom. The counselor is trying to avoid causing unnecessary panic to Sunny and his family. The school counselor wants Sunny to be aware that he is making outstanding progress in school and the school board wants him to do have best opportunities possible. The school system is working on his side, to eliminate all possible hurdles that would be holding his progress back. Now the job is for the parents to talk about options with Sunny. Sunny will know that the counselors are on his side for whatever help option he chooses.

A meeting will be arranged for the parents and counselors with or without the child based on parent’s discretion. Also the school has an insurance program available for glasses and hearing aids. Depending on Mr. and Mrs. Patel’s income standings, Sunny can receive financial aid which will provide him annual hearing aids and glasses with prescription as needed. Sunny’s teacher wants to provide additional outside of class time to make sure he understands and is keeping up with the rest of the class. Sunny’s teacher is moving his desk closer to the front of the room where Sunny can see and hear more clearly with fewer distractions. The teacher wants Sunny to feel confident with asking questions if necessary and will be grouped with students who are advanced in comprehension skills so that they can also help with reiterating instructions and directions for Sunny.

Sunny understands what is going on; he is anxious to try to fix the problems and hopefully will catch up to the rest of the students in the class. Sunny expresses great willingness to better his situation through cooperating with those around him. He is not letting his situation get the best of him. Sunny does not give in to frustration that he occasionally feels. Sunny understands that it is going to be extremely difficult, but is ready to face the challenge.


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