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Linguistic Profile

Oral Interview

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Questions & Bloom's Taxonomy

Questions for Group Discussion:

• If Sunny had had a stronger comprehension of L1 would that have given him a stronger foundation for his L2
• How different would Sunny’s situation be if his parents were well educated?
• Would Sunny be in better circumstances if his parents knew more English?
• How would have Sunny’s family dealt with his hearing and vision lost if they were still in India?
• If the school had been aware of Sunny’s hearing or vision weakness could they have diagnose him slightly different?
• Does Sunny’s hearing and vision prevent him from comprehending the material being taught to him in ESOL?


Level 1. Knowledge (Recall of data)
• Explain how Sunny’s parents view education?
• Did Sunny receive any schooling in India?
• What is Sunny’s attitude about learning?

Level 2: Comprehension (Understand the meaning)

• In your own words what socioeconomic background do you think Sunny has come from.
• Discuss how Sunny’s family life is.
• Summarize Sunny’s life in India.

Level 3: Application (Apply information)
• Classify Sunny’s as an ESOL student.
• Explain how Sunny’s hearing loss affects his learning ability.
• Construct a timeline of Sunny’s ability to speak Gujarati and English.

Level 4: Analysis (Separates concepts into component parts)
• Compare Sunny’s situation to a student who is born in America.
• Contrast how Sunny’s life in American to his life he lives in India.
• Specify how Sunny is socially evolving.

Level 5: Synthesis (Builds a pattern from diverse elements)
• Create a plan of goals Sunny should meet in the next four months.
• Think of how Sunny was taught English in India and how he is taught English in America.
• Generate ideas on how Sunny’s weak hearing and vision will affect his learning ability.

Level 6: Evaluation (Make judgments)
• Critique how Sunny’s learning is hindered because his parents never received proper education.
• Interpret how the school systems in India are in comparison to America.
• Decide whether or not Sunny will be able to understand English by the time he leaves elementary school.


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