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Problem Scenario


Sunny and his family have been notified by the school about test results showing hearing and sight loss. Sunny, his parents, and his teacher were unaware of this. Now that Sunny is aware of his condition he understands why he gets frustrated and distracted easy. He was not aware that he had blurred vision and was not hearing things as clearly as other students. Sunny thought what he was experiencing was normal. There are a few options available for Sunny’s hearing and visual lost and there are many things the school can do to support Sunny.

After reviewing Sunny’s case regarding hearing and sight loss, the teachers, psychologist, administration and parents have come up with a plan to help Sunny.

• Sunny will be moved closer to the front of the room, where he should be able to hear classroom instructions more clearly and be able to better see the board.

• Sunny will have the option to listen to certain material or directions on a head set, which will be prerecorded, for example, spelling words. Mrs. Tucker is willing to prerecord the spelling list on tape and Sunny has permission to take his spelling test based on the tape, if he feels it is necessary.

• Mrs. Tucker will restructure her lesson plans and incorporate more group assignments in order for Sunny to receive more one-on-one interaction and be exposed to sounds up close instead of hearing instructions from a distance.

• Mrs. Tucker will write bigger on the board with a thicker marker and will use visual aids that are very clear.

• Psychologist will apply for quarterly testing of Sunny’s hearing and vision loss. Every 9 weeks Sunny should be tested in school through no expense to his family.

• The school psychologist will request that the school counselors need to allot time for phonics during his ESOL time.

• The Psychologist will file paperwork on the behalf of the Patel family for Sunny to receive benefits for his hearing loss and sight loss. The school offers insurance for programs to assist in hearing and vision loss, depending on Mr. and Mrs. Patel’s income standings. Sunny does qualify for public assistance in this situation.

• Documenting any and all progress, all meetings, regular check ups, chief complaint and other issues regarding Sunny with his hearing and vision loss.

• Keeping in contact with all parties responsible with Sunny’s need and regular report documentation.

• The administration is responsible for regulating funds and maintaining his annual hearing aids and glasses with prescription as needed.

• Mr. and Mrs. Patel must be supportive of their son and his new challenges.

• The Patel family must be more cautious of speaking clearly and having Sunny wear his hearing aid. If Sunny complains about his hearing, they should inform the school or the interpreter.

• Sunny’s parents need to teach him the importance of wearing his glasses while he is in school and using his eyes strenuously.



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