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Rosa Sanchez was born in Puerto Rico on January 4, 1997. She is six year’s old. Rosa's ethnic group is Puerto Rican, and
her linguistic group is Spanish. The language situation in Rosa's home country is that of a mix of English and Spanish. There is a strong influence of American culture in Puerto Rico.

Rosa's parents' native language is Spanish. Her older siblings moved to the states at a very young age and have adjusted to the English language substantially. When speaking to each other and their peers, Rosa and her siblings speak English. Rosa's first words were in Spanish and her parents felt value in teaching Spanish as her first language. When speaking to her parents and other adult family members, Rosa uses Spanish.

Rosa is the youngest of four children. She has a different father than her three older siblings. However, it is her biological father that lives at home with her mother and is the predominant male figure for all the children. Her father owns his own small painting company where he employs other family members and close friends. Her mother holds a part-time job as a waitress and cleans office buildings on the weekends. Rosa's older brother is nineteen years old and just graduated High school. He has a
part time job at a sub shop and helps pay the bills at home. Her second brother is fifteen and has a part-time job at a pizza place and helps pay the bills at home. She also has an eighteen-year-old sister that left high
school and just had a baby. Rosa's sister and boyfriend and baby just moved back in the house with Rosa and her family.

Rosa's family is known for their hospitality and often considered friendly and expressive to strangers. Greetings are cordial and genuine to teachers and other professionals. However, Rosa has expressed that her mother finds difficulty in speaking English to the school and this has been the result in little communication with home. Hand and body language are important in
communication. When meeting with Rosa's parents a handshake is usual however, close friends and family always greet with a kiss on the cheek or combination of hug and kiss.

Rosa's parents consider themselves American but are fiercely proud of their island and their culture. They don't usually call themselves Americans but "Puertorriquenos" or "Boricuas." In the home, mostly Spanish is spoken. Older siblings speak both English and Spanish, but their first language was also Spanish. They are very family oriented and are very involved in their local church community, and relatives. They are lower middle class, and live in a three-bedroom home. They live in a community where many other of their relatives live. It is a close-knit community. The community consists of mainly Spanish speakers. English is a second language, if at all, for the parents. It is however, used mostly by the younger generation, which are already in the
school system. They came to America to provide a better future for their children.

Rosa was five years old when her and her parents moved to America. Rosa is now in the first grade. Rosa is shorter than
most of the first graders in her class. Rosa has long, thick brown hair. She is very tan. Rosa is also thin and healthy. She is a very outgoing student, and like her parents, Rosa is very friendly and expressive. Rosa has a group of friends in her classroom. She is able to make friends easily. Since she comes from a family oriented background, most of the events that take place in her home our done with the whole family and even sometimes with the local community since many of her relatives live within the same community. She comes from a close-knit family along with a close-knit local community.


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