Supporting infusion of ESOL into teacher education programs is the purpose of this Expert Series presented by experts in the field of teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.


As the need increases for teachers who are well prepared to help English language learners (ELLs) succeed academically, incorporating English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) into teacher education programs has become essential. Most courses in teacher education programs can include an ESOL focus, and embedding ESOL issues and practices into the curriculum enables pre-service teachers to consider the needs of ELL students as an integral part of effective teaching.


The ESOL TAPESTRY website was designed to support the process of ESOL integration into a wide range of teacher preparation courses and programs. In creating video modules, we collaborated with leading experts in the teaching ESOL (TESOL) field, asking them to address fellow teacher educators regarding the most crucial information in their areas of specialization. The information provided in the video lectures is a brief survey of these issues, so for each module we also created an associated resources page to enable the viewer to go more in depth.

The Tapestry Journal: An International Multidisciplinary Journal on English Language Learner Education

Published exclusively online twice a year, in June and December, The Tapestry Journal is a scholarly refereed journal. It is grounded in the disciplines of second language acquisition and English as a second language, but its purpose is to integrate research and best practices in a variety of fields as they relate specifically to English language learners.