Volume 4, Number 1, Summer 2012

ISSN: 1949-8268

Editor's Note

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Preparing Preservice Teachers to Address the Disproportionality of ELLs in Exceptional Education Programs

Leah J. Lerma and Martha Lue Stewart

pp. 01-18 | pdf

This article details how teacher beliefs, cultural bias, lack of culturally responsive professional development opportunities, and assessments contribute to the misidentification of ELs as needing special education services. The authors conclude the article with suggestions and research for preservice teachers that offer solutions to this ongoing issue.

Dramatic Differences: The Power of Playbuilding for Young English Language Learners

Jamie Simpson Steele and Daniel A. Kelin

pp. 19-31 | pdf

This article reports the findings from a qualitative study investigating the benefits of a drama-based project designed to build young English learners’ confidence in the target language. The authors focus on one particular participant who underwent a positive transformation as a result of the program. The authors also share how the use of drama in language teaching can help build learner confidence in a second language and offers possibilities for learner engagement, interest, and collaboration.

Technology and Language Teaching: A Conversation with Dr. James May

The Tapestry Staff

pp. 19-31 | pdf

In this interview, Dr. May details the important role technology plays in engaging all learners with linguistic and academic content. He offers suggestions for incorporating various web tools and mobile phone applications that can help English learners access and interact with content.